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Package deals as on Internet – only this month – Supply and Install – All glue sand- cement- grout included

Coping Deals- Supply Install Package Deal

Sandstone Package deal : coping supply and install including dip sealing – 600x230x30 bulnose – $120+/lm

Limestone Package Deal : coping supply and install – 600x230x30 bulnose – $120+/lm

Paving Deals: – Supply Install Package Deal

Sandstone Natural 400×400 – supply and install – $130+/m2

Sandstone Honed – 300×300 – supply and install – $135+/m2

stone Paving
Item Size Normal $Special $
Suede Honed 300×300$65/m2$45/m2
Sahara Honed300×300$65/m2 $45/m2
Blue Stone Lime 400×400$65/m2$45/m2
Blue Stone Lime600×300$65/m2$45/m2
Blue Stone Lime500×500 $65/m2$45/m2
Blue Stone Lime 800×400$75/m2$55/m2
Random Crazy Charcoal limestone Random$65/m2$45/m2
Item Size Normal $Special $
Blue Stone Lime 600x340x30B$35/pcs $20/pcs
Blue Stone Lime 600x240x30B$30/pcs $20/pcs
Black Stone Lime 600x300x30B$30/pcs$20/pcs
Black Stone Lime600x230x30B$32/pcs$20/pcs

Natural Granite – Paving Deal

Angel white 600x300x15 Autumn Rose 600x300x15 Copper Silk 600x300x15
$55/m2 $55/m2$55/m2

Natural Granite – Coping Deal

Angel white 600x300x30 bulnose Autumn Rose 600x300x30 bulnose Copper Silk 600x300x30 bulnose
$30/pcs $30/pcs $30/pcs