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Why Choose HL BlueStone?

Our company is a reputed supply of bluestone in Melbourne. We source our bluestone from local quarries and from overseas. Many stone buildings in Melbourne and Victoria is made out of bluestone. It is very durable stone for commercial pavement, castles and victorian architectural buildings. All large structures have survived through ages due to the special properties of this wonderful rock which are:

  • High density
  • Strength
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Exceptional durability
  • Crack and fade resistance
  • Easy installation
  • Cost-effectiveness

It is also completely safe to use and environmentally friendly.

Authentic Supplier

HL Stone World offers one of the best quality bluestones and bluestone pavers. This is very useful for owners interested in their property. We provide the finest quality, in a number of specifications or as per the requirements of our valued clients.

Get the best Paving

Bluestone pavers in Melbourne are a common sight and comprise pavement materials used for the construction of outdoor flooring or superficial surface coverings. There are versatile option and can be used in the following architectural applications:

  • Swimming pool coping (Pool edge finishes)
  • Driveways
  • Landscaping
  • Garden paths
  • Sidewalks or pavements
  • Patios
  • Courtyards
  • Steps
  • Entertainment areas
  • Fireplaces

Other uses include building stones, paving flagstones and veneers. They can also be used for a number of indoor applications like floor tiles and walls. It is increasingly being used in kitchens and bathrooms.

The reasons why our stones are preferable:

  • Bluestone is naturally beautiful material
  • Our bluestone pavers enhance architectural designs
  • The colours appear intriguing

Popular Sizes

The size of the stone used will vary depending on the design and place. We offer in varying sizes:

500x500x15 600x300x15 500x500x20 600x300x20
800x400x20 800x400x30 400x400x30 1000x500x20

The most commonly used size for drop edge facing, present around a pool, is 40 mm to 70 mm.

Finishes Available

Our bluestone pavers can be custom finished to suit your particular preferences like:

  • Darker or lighter shades
  • Presence or absence of holes (catpaws)
  • Template curves

These properties allow the clients to have a greater freedom and choice in terms of the construction style.

What Can We Offer?

Here are the reasons we are the most recommended supplier of bluestone pavers:

  • Experienced and trained workforce
  • Personal attention
  • Cheaper prices (10 to 15 % cheaper than the market)

We supply only the most authentic material, which is very unique. Using our premium quality used for construction purposes will ensure that a property remains safe for ages. The stone will not only improve the visual appeal of the property but also make it highly safe.

Expert Suppliers

In addition to supplying stone, we also install them. Installing the pavers is a fine skill, and our expert services are suitable for a variety of properties in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. It can be sealed in order to protect them from staining and for easier maintenance.

We also provide advice related to purchase and installation. In addition to this, we are constantly updating our services for providing world class services to our esteemed clients. We can supply material in bulk for large-scale projects.

We have been successful in receiving positive feedback for all our services and promise 100% customer satisfaction. Any important matter related to our services and products must be brought to the notice of a member of our staff.

Contact Us Now

Our premium quality material can be applied to your dream project, so wait no more. If you are a prospective client and need more information about our excellent quality stone pavers in Melbourne, then get in touch with us. Please call us today at 03 8353 2486.

Bluestone is a type of bassalt rock, blackish bluesh in colour. It can be made lighter to darker with different level of honing.

HL STONE WORLD has wide range from light colour to darker colours. we have bluestone with catpaws ( band of holes) without catpaws. It comes in all sizes, we can do custom made sizes also and do template curves also.

Our bluestone pavers are highly durable, weather resitant and safer around swimming pools. It does not need sealing and is safer with salt chlorinated pool.

Since its very hardweaing stone, its application veries from heavily traffic commercial areas to driveways. It is extensively used in pavements and buldings. Some of the old building are made out of bluestone blocks.

HL Stone World deal in all sizes and thicknesses. The most common sizes are 500x500x15, 600x300x15, 500x500x20, 600x300x20, 800x400x20, 800x400x30, 400x400x30, 1000x500x20. Since HL Stone World deal in commercial quantites we can beat any price. Specials are always available, check special page for latest deals.

Since it is very hard dense is extensively used in drop edge facing around pool. HL stone world has huge quantities of drop to fit concrete pools and fible glass pools. They come in different drops from 40mm-70mm.

If you are thinking of doing project, either as wall caldding paving/ coping, contact HL Stone world to get professional advise. We will show you a massive range from darker to lighter blend with and without holes and do custom made sizes and thickness for you.

We have our own installers and they are working with us from 6-8 years, so we can guarantee our job and give you package deal which is approx 10-15% cheaper then market. We have done 100s of job and we can pass you details of jobs so you can go and have a look. Whatever you see on website is all supplied and installed by HL Stone world. We guarantee our job and give you after service, so you can live in peace and enjoy outdoor life and swimming pools.

Our Different stones:

Basalt Bluestone, Indian Bluestone