Elegant Travertine Pavers in Melbourne

HL Stone World has one of the largest ranges of travertine pavers in Melbourne. Our pavers is of a fine quality and can be used at a variety of properties in both the residential and commercial sectors.

Know More About Travertine Stone:

Travertine is a type of natural limestone that forms in hot springs or limestone caves. It is additionally affected by heat and pressure from the earth’s crust. One key trait of travertine is the presence of holes within the stone caused by carbon dioxide evasion. The colour of the stone is determined by the presence of a number of minerals like iron and organic compounds. It is a porous material and is quite smooth in appearance. Colour and pattern variations can keep it from looking too uniform. It has been used in building construction for ages.

Colours Available

It can range in colours from ivory, beige, walnut to gold. The most common colours is the Tuscan colour palette. Another popular colour is coffee. Silver travertine has a bluish colour with a yellow tinge.

Types of Travertine

We supply fine quality in four basic types:

  • Filled and Machine Cut
  • Unfilled and Tumbled
  • Unfilled and Machine Cut
  • French Pattern

Best Uses:

Used for the construction of following structures:

  • Pool Drop Edge Coping
  • Water Reservoir
  • In A Pool: Combination with Blue Glass Tiles
  • Flooring
  • Patios
  • Walls
  • Driveways
  • Walkways and Paths
  • Stairs

Used for the construction of unique architectural forms for Foyers, Hallways, Bathroom Vanity Tops, Tub Surrounds, Shower Cladding, Main Living Areas, Bedrooms, Kitchens, Courtyards, etc.

Most Commonly Used Dimensions

We offer a number of choices of stones sizes to the customers depending on project specific requirements:

Product Dimensions
Drop Edge Coping 610x406x50
Coping (Bulnose) 610x230x30, 610x305x50, 610x406x30, 406x406x30
Pencil Bevel 610x406x30, 610x305x30, 406x406x30
Tumble Edge Coping 610x203x30, 610x230x30, 610x406x30, 610x210x30
Travertine Paving 457×457/610×305/610×406/610×610, 610x406x30, 610x406x12
Silver Travertine Coping and Paving Tumble 610x230x30
Silver Travertine Coping and Paving 610x406x30


Strength The stone highly impacts pressure and wear resistant. The strength can vary depending on the type of shape.
Visual Appeal It has lustre, due to the interaction of the light with its surface, which can be from dull to pearly.
Durability The stone can last a long time without scratches, cracks or chips. Natural finish stones are often more durable.
Dignity The stone has a reserved dignity coming from the presence of soft palette of colours in its spectrum.
Ease of Repair It can be easily removed and replaced in case of any damage. Pieces of stones can be kept in store for any future installation to perfectly match the existing stone colours.

What Indicates Good Quality Stone?

  • The colour of the stone must not contain any rust coloured markings.
  • The stone must be free from pores in the filling.
  • The filling must contain a hard resin that will not chip.
  • The colour of the product must be quite uniform for a project.
  • The travertine must have been handled appropriately.

Get the Best Stone:

Our team of experts will guide the clients in all aspects of selection, installation and care. The quality of our work is reflected in the numerous properties, where we have delivered our expert services. We promise quick delivery and complete customer satisfaction.

We use modern tools and techniques for providing the best quality products. The supply is large scale and we are expert at handling bulk orders. Our team of experts is experienced in working on a number of properties and is very well trained. We can also supply the stone at quite a cheaper price as compared to the market.

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Drop Edge Coping Drop Edge Coping
Silver Travertine Coping & tumble paving Silver Travertine Coping & tumble paving
610x210x30 Tumble Edge coping 610x210x30 Tumble Edge coping
610x230x30 Tumble Edge coping 610x230x30 Tumble Edge coping
610x406x30 coping, 610x406x12 paving 610x406x30 coping, 610x406x12 paving
Retaining walls and pool area Retaining walls and pool area