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Reliable Sandstone Pavers Supplier in Melbourne

HL Stone World is a reputed supplier of sandstone pavers in Melbourne. We have the largest range of sandstones available in stock. Additionally, we also provide assistance with the installation of the stone. Customers can choose the sandstones which they prefer and meet the requirements of the construction project. We offer a package deal which is 10% cheaper than the market price.

Sand Stone Pavers

Our sandstone pavers in Melbourne are suitable for use at a number of residential and commercial properties. The sandstone pavers have excellent endurance ability with aesthetic appeal and hence can be used in a number of architectural settings.

More about Sandstone

Sandstone is a beautiful looking sedimentary rock and is formed from grains that are fragments of previously existing rocks. The cementing materials bind the sand grains together to form a matrix of clay or slit sized particles, occupying spaces between the grains of sand. These crystals are buried under successive layers of sediments for centuries.

Why Choose Sandstone?

There are some wonderful features of the sandstones which make them all the more suitable for construction purposes:

  • Resistance to acids, alkalis and thermal impact.
  • The capacity of water absorption is not more than 1.0 %.
  • The grains are medium sized and vary in degrees of sorting and shape.
  • Bedding along with sedimentary structures and fossils is apparent.
  • The hardness of the rock varies according to the composition.
  • Impermeable as it is non-porous.
  • Is quite durable, strong and can last for ages.
  • Can be made new, by a light acid wash and seal.
project image Teak Porch
project image Teakwood Coping & Paving
project image Teak Steppers
project image Teakwood
project image Teakwood
project image Teak Patio
project image Teakwood
project image Drift Sand
project image Drift Sand
project image Drift Sand
project image Rainbow
project image Rainbow
project image Suede Natural
project image Rainbow
project image Rainbow
project image Suede Natural Charcaol Coping
project image Sahara
project image Sahara
project image Suede
project image Suede
project image Suede French
project image Suede Coping
project image Suede
project image Suede
project image Teakwood
project image Royal Beige Honed
project image Ash Grey
project image Ash Grey

Sandstone Projects

Sandstone Types

Sandstones come in a variety of types due to which the customers have many options to choose from:

Stone Properties
Suede Pure and White
Sahara Gold Yellow
Royal Beige Paper Bark Colour
Teakwood Yellow Stripes
Rainbow Red Purple Stripes

Sizes Available

Our sandstones are available in the sizes of:

300×300 600×600
400×400 600×300
500×500 800×400 for Sahara Gold

In addition to this, there are thousands of square metres available at our warehouse.

Sandstone Finish Quality

Our sandstone comes in two finishes:

  • Natural (natural split, random sizes available)
  • Honed (light polished).

Colours Available

The following sandstone colours are available in our company:

  • Random Sandstone: Desert Sand, Suede Sand, Ash Grey
  • Paving and Coping Sandstone: Drift Sand (Brown), Suede Sand (White), Sahara Gold (Yellow), Desert Sand (Sandy Strips), Royal Beige (Paperback Colour), Teakwood (Yellow), Rainbow (Red), Ash Grey, Terra Red, Autumn Brown, Revina, etc.

How Can You Use Sandstones?

Paving and coping are the most common uses of sandstones. They can also be used for other purposes.

Garden Sandstones

Fine quality sandstones can be used for decorating and beautifying a garden. It can be utilized for making garden furniture, fountains, planters, plinths, statues, bird baths, pitchers, urns, miniatures, etc.

Sandstone Walls

Sandstone has been used for the construction of castles, forts and temples. It can be used in raising walls, to cover entire buildings, home walls, garden walls, foundation walls and entrances internally or externally.

Sandstone Floorings

The stone has been used for the construction of long-lasting floors as it is very strong and not prone to accidental damage.

Sandstone Pavement

Sandstone is a favourite material of the builders for use as bricks, strips, tiles and chips. The sandstones can be used in rectangular, square, irregular and customized shapes for pavement construction.

Sandstone Landscaping

Sandstone is a wonderful material for sustainable landscaping. It can be used for making walkways, retaining walls, decorative boulders, retaining walls and steps.

Other Uses

Sandstones can also be used for countertops, tabletops, handicrafts, furniture, roofing, etc. Sandstone handicrafts include photo frames, candle stands, flower vases, ornaments and stone finials.

Best Sandstone Suppliers in Melbourne

We are involved in the mining, procuring and packing of the stones, due to which our sandstone pavers in Melbourne are of a fine quality. Customers can contact our team to see the projects which have been completed. This will help to ascertain the correct size required for a project. Our team will assist the customers with the selection, installation, grouting, caulking and sealing of the stones.

If you need sandstone pavers in Melbourne then get in touch with us by calling us at 03 8353 2486.

Our Sandstone Pavers Colours in Melbourne

Sandstone Projects:

HL Stone World has biggest range of sandstone in stock. We cover from pure white colour to grey colour so the matching with render or house brick is no issue, we can match any colour. Sandstone is one of the most beautiful looking stone, it comes in pure colour or stripes. Suede sand honed is most purest of all, it is white in colour. Sahara gold sandstoen is yellow and Royal beige sandstone is paper bark colour. Teakwood sandstone has beautiful yellow stripes and rainbow has beautiiful red purple stripes.

Please Go thru the projects below and pick most suitalble colour for your house. The beauty of sandstone is that it will never fade in colour, you can alway make it new by light acid wash and seal. The project below are all done by HL Stone world, our sandstone is quality controlled right from mining to procuring and packing, so the colour variaiton and damage is bare minimum. We gurantee quality for life. The sandstone comes is sizes 300×300, 400×400, 500×500, 600×600, 600×300….Sahara gold comes in 800×400 also. There are thousands of sqm availabe in warehouse at any time. Sandstone comes in natural and honed finish. Natural means natural split and honed means light polished finish. Natural split comes in random sizes also. Searching for some painkiller for my 76-year-old granny, I’ve come across an ad about Tramadol from Since that time, I buy this medication only from them. Their medical specialist writes out a prescription after an online consultation, and then, you can get the drug without any problems. That’s cool. The most common colour in random sandstone is Desert Sand, Suede Sand, Ash Grey. The most common colors in paving and coping shape are drift sand ( brown in colour) , Suede Sand ( white in colour), Sahara Gold ( yellow in colour), Desert Sand ( sandy strips ), Royal Beige ( paperbark colour), Teakwood ( yellow in colour), Rainbow ( Red in colour) Ash grey, Terra Red, Autumn Brown, Revina etc

When you are ready for project in sandstone give a call to our professional team to show you projects done and help you ascertain sizes. We will go thru whole process with you right from picking up stone installation grouting caulking sealing etc. Our sandstone is very competitevily priced and we can beat any quote. Ask for package deal which is futher 10% cheaper.

Flick thur projects below…all the colours are there when you take cursor on project the colour get highlighted…you can scroll thu pages by clicking show more pics.