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Product Dimensions
Travertine Drop Edge Coping 610x406x50
Travertine Coping (Bulnose) 610x230x30, 610x305x50, 610x406x30, 406x406x30
Travertine Pencil Bevel 610x406x30, 610x305x30, 406x406x30
Travertine Tumble Edge Coping 610x203x30, 610x230x30, 610x406x30, 610x210x30
Travertine Paving 457×457/610×305/610×406/610×610, 610x406x30, 610x406x12
Silver Travertine Coping and Paving Tumble 610x230x30
Silver Travertine Coping and Paving 610x406x30

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Travertine Drop Edge Coping, Silver Travertine Coping and paving 610x230x30 tumble adn 610x406x30 paving, Travertine 610x210x30 Tumble Edge coping, Travertine 610x230x30 Tumble Edge coping, Travertine 610x406x30 coping 610x406x12 paving.